I think we've all heard the term "work smarter not harder". If you really stop and think about it, given the same outcome, reward or compensation why would anyone prefer to put forth more effort than necessary. My point is that you can work 50 hours at ten dollars and hour and make $500 or you can work 25 hours at 20 hours and make those same $500. But wait there is a third option, what if you did no work? What if you put in no hours? No physical labor and made those same $500? You might be thinking to yourself… How do I make that happen? Allow me to explain…

The 103-5 KISS-FM Super sticker is back and it’s worth $500. If you’re one of the lucky ones you already have the sought after sticker on your whip. If you don’t have one, over the next 5 weeks we’re were giving you several opportunities to get one so you can win your $500.

Here is how it works. Starting on October 15th and for the next four Thursday’s we will be at a different Alpine properties locations slapping the 103-5 KISS-FM Super sticker on cars. On the 5th Thursday the first 103 cars that show up to the Shops on Milwaukee parking lot will all be put into a drawing and the last car standing will win $500. Plan ahead, here are the locations, times and dates you need to know to win the money, oh and there is no work required… hahaha.


Meridian Marketplace (450 S. Meridian Road)  –October 15th from 4p-6p

Majestic Marketplace (2020 E Overland Rd, Meridian) - October 22nd from 4p-6p

Fairview Plaza West (10506 W Fairview Ave)- October 29th from 4p-6p

Marketplace (1700 W. State Street, Boise) – Nov 5th from 4p-6p

Shops on Milwaukee (Corner of Milwaukee & Fairview) - Nov 12th from 4p-6p


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