After a VERY busy weekend here in the Treasure Valley, it's no secret: the Western Idaho Fair is BACK!

If you grew up here in the area like I did-- you know that the fair is not only a staple to your summer but to our community as well. There are so many things that we look forward to that are tied in with the Western Idaho Fair. An example of this would be Pronto Pups-- uhhh, don't we all live for these things? Then again, the Elephant Ears are pretty amazing, too.

The Western Idaho Fair encompasses more that just rides and food, too. Each summer, the Western Idaho Fair draws in thousands for their anticipated entertainment acts. You may recall a comedian named Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias that had a crowd going CRAZY and a line wrapped around the entire fair last year? Yeah-- the live entertainment is no joke.

You can check out this years entire entertainment lineup, HERE.

Clearly, it would be unlike us to let an event this huge go on without getting you in before anyone else-- so this week, we've got your back!

Trying to get into the Western Idaho Fair for free? Listen all week for your chance to win!

Keke and Kat will have your tickets each morning. I'll have your tickets on your drive home in the afternoon. Tap that app, take us with you, and let's go to the fair!!

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