Boise Music Festival is rapidly approaching! It is actually one month from yesterday. While I prepare by *attempting* to go fully vegan like Beyonce does leading up to her Coachella and major performances, you may be thinking "but I still don't even have my tickets yet!". If that's you, first of all, why don't you? Second of all, I've got you.

Tomorrow I'll be at Dennis Dillon for truck month and a BMF ticket stop! From 11-1p tomorrow, Friday March 24th I'll be giving away tickets to Boise Music Festival at Dennis Dillon in Boise. What do you have to do to win those BMF tickets? I'm not telling you that yet, but show up and you'll have a chance to take some home.


Place: Dennis Dillon 2777 S Orchard St, Boise 83705

Time: 11-1p

What: BMF tickets and you

See you there tomorrow!

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