The first Presidential debate spoke volumes about how far apart our country stands at the moment, having said that I think we can all agree on one thing... Ten thousand dollars would be more than welcomed into all of our accounts. While most of us are checking the mailbox for a second stimulus check to no avail Brooke & Jeffrey have decided to step up and give away their own stimulus package. Here's how it works:

Every weekday from 8am through 5pm ( at the top of the hour or as close to it as we will can get) we will give you a code word. Yes, you get 10 codewords per day. The code word is worth up to ten thousand dollars. I say up to ten thousand because everyday we pick two one thousand dollar winners, therefore you can be a $1000 winner or a 10,000 winner. One very important thing to note is that the more keywords you input, the more chances you have to win. Where do you input these keywords? The most convenient way to do this is to download the 103-5 Kiss-fm app from the main page of this site. This will allow you to have the ability to participate as often and as much and you want no matter where you are. If you chose to not download the app you can use the website to enter keywords.

It's that easy, If you think about it you're already doing what it takes to win because you listen everyday anyway. Thanks for listening and good luck on getting $10,000 richer for listening to your favorite radio station.

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