Ed Sheeran is back and 103.5 Kissfm is dropping the new album in almost everyone's hands this weekend! Take home divide now.

We're building our Boise Music Festival right now and one of the artists I'd love to see is Ed Sheeran. I'm not aware of a big Ed announcement, but crazier things have happened. We roll right into BMF on Monday and the artists details will follow. You can win those tickets starting with Cruise & Box, Monday at 7:10 A.M.


Get ready for a big year from Ed Sheeran whether or not he touches down in the Treasure Valley. Ed just dropped his latest album Friday called, Divide. This dude is about to have a monstrous year considering eight of his songs are already on Billboard music charts and everyone song on his album is trending on Itunes. Sheeran also has the #1 song with "Shape of You" and the #1 album "Divide." I'd say it's a pretty good day of the ginger on top.

Would like to win the album, download it, and never even leave the comfort of your own spot to get it? Do it now! If you're a Friends with Benefits member click HERE and if you need to sign-up click HERE.

Want to know what Ed Sheeran was doing on release day? Selling his CD!

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