Three weeks ago I made a decision to fly again. Keep in mind that before the pandemic I flew over 50 different flights mostly for business but a lot for pleasure.  Boise to Miami was my first flight of the year and I was surprised at how many people were actually flying. This past Friday I flew from Boise to Washington DC and frankly I was blown away at how busy the Boise airport was. Phoenix, Houston, Reagan in Washington DC were also jam packed. Now that the pandemic seems to be in the rearview mirror United Airlines which was founded in Boise back in 1926 is offering free flights for a year. According to ktvb you must upload your valid COVID-19 vaccination card to be entered into the drawing. Here are the particulars

"Five members will be selected on July 1 to receive a year of travel for themselves and a companion in any class of service anywhere United flies, with a maximum of 26 trips. That comes out to one every two weeks. United also said that, throughout June, it will give away 30 pairs of round-trip tickets to anywhere it flies, also in any class of service."

Yes there are states offering a million dollars to those that have been vaccinated but United CEO Scott Kirby shared the airlines "why" in a statement. "Thanks to the vaccine, more and more destinations are opening up for travel – and we know our customers are eager to fly. We're excited to give people one more reason to get vaccinated so they can reunite with friends and family or take that long-awaited vacation which all could be just one shot away,"

It's important to note that in order to participate in the contest you must be a U.S. resident who is at least 18 years old and is a MileagePlus member.


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