When I moved here just over a year ago, I asked almost everyone I came into contact with about how bad winters were in the Treasure Valley. Without fail, every single person told me their personal horror story about "Snowmageddon." I heard stories about how people couldn't leave their homes, couldn't see out their windows, and one person even told me that they saw the abominable snow monster.

The fact is that winter in the Treasure Valley is a joke. If you think winter here is terrible, you probably still have California license plates. You're in Idaho now, switch your plates and stop complaining about snow. In addition to looking like you belong here, you'll notice people no longer cutting you off on I-84.

Here's the reality of winter in the Boise area: It snows 19 inches per year. I've lived in cities where we got 19 inches in a day, and the so-called "Snowmageddon" is called Tuesday, and they didn't even cancel school! Since the dreaded 39-inch event in 2016, there's not been a winter where we reached the average snowfall! Last year, it snowed less than five inches, and has it even snowed this year at all?

Sure, winters like "Snowmageddon" happen, but it's rare. Typically, winter is mild because we are in a high desert. So why do we love to play up the winter of 2016-2017? I'm pretty sure that it's to scare people from California from moving here. Unfortunately, it's not working. We need a new tactic. Maybe we should play up the UFO and Bigfoot sightings instead.

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