This is scary and everyone's worst nightmare. A woman was attacked on the Greenbelt with her dog. I was searching for more information on KTVB's website looking for more details on the Knitting Factory fire when this headline caught me.

The woman is okay and so is the dog. I wanted to put you at rest with that information first but what!?!? We've heard bad things once in a while but this is straight out of a scary movie.

This should be a reminder that the Treasure Valley is just like any other place. We have crime. Bad people live here just like any other place in America. We just don't have as much (knock on wood) as other cities. I was at the gas station last night and saw two cars parked, keys in, running, windows down and nobody in them. Idahoans are just in a safe comfort zone and that is something that will, unfortunately, change over time.

The worst part of this attack is that the woman grabbed in the peak of daylight and Greenbelt traffic. This incident happened at 4:45 p.m. in the afternoon. I'm sorry but that is spooky that someone is so bad that they don't even care when. So, what happened?

According to KTVB a woman let her dog off the leash for a moment and the pup ran off down towards the river. She then yelled at her dog with no answer and no sight of her pet. No big deal right? Did the dog jump in? That's probably what I would think but that's not at all what happened.

The woman ran towards the river looking and saw a man holding the dog. That's when she was attacked. The man got away and she sustained scratches and bruises from being grabbed/dragged.

This is something straight out of a scary movie. Dog runs off down a path and a scary man grabs the dog while attacking the woman. Luckily, this ended with a safe outcome but sadly that man is on the loose. Here's what you need to know.

  • White or Hispanic male 40's or 50's
  • White and dark gray beard about 4-6 inches long
  • 150-160 pounds

More details at KTVB.

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