This past weekend in here locally in Boise, Idaho's own David Rush finished a half-marathon in 2 hours and 13 minutes. I mean, not to brag, but I've personally shattered that time for a half marathon multiple times. That time itself is not a feat. Especially when you consider that also this past weekend, a Kenyan runner broke the world record for a full marathon, becoming the first ever to run the 26.2miles in under two hours. So running half of that distance in thirteen more minutes shouldn't be news, except that he didn't run it.

That time would be unspectacular were it not for the fact that Rush skipped for the entire 13.1 miles instead of running, which was good for a new Guinness World Record.

Rush says he started training for the long-distance skipping record while on a family trip to Disneyland. UPI notes that Rush is in constant pursuit of new Guinness World Records: He holds more than 100 of them, including the record for world's longest tortilla toss.

When David took to the City of Trees Half Marathon this past Sunday to break another Guinness World Record, he was actually a few months behind his May goal when he had originally planned to do it. He initially planned to break his own record at the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon but fell on an electric scooter a couple days prior and couldn't run, or skip, whichever.

Either way, he's broken the record now and now has claim to another spot in history.


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