After taking on The Freakin' Fast Half Marathon last summer, I lived in bright pink flip flops for days.  Everyone at the station stared at my feet wondering what was up with them.

It's pretty simple really.  The Freakin' Fast Half is 3,000 feet of down hill running on Bogus Basin Road.  The views from the course are absolutely breathtaking, but it really beats up your legs.  My feet (and legs) were so sore from the pounding they suffered during that 13.1 mile run that I caved and bought a pair of the "recovery sandals" that my Team Run Boise teammates were raving about.  They're called Telics and they're honestly the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!

Considering they're flip flops, that's saying a lot! Let's be honest, you've made the mistake of wearing flip flops to an all day event like Boise Music Festival, a beer festival or Huckleberry Jam.  With no arch in regular flip flops and an almost paper thin sole, your feet and legs were KILLING you at the end of the day, weren't they?

These sandals are the total opposite!  The way they're made actually massages your feet as you walk.  The flip flops are heat activated which means they react to your body temperature (whether it's 100 degrees at BMF or 50 as you're getting out of the hot springs) to give your feet a hug and conform to you foot! They're shock absorbing too, so at the end of a long day wearing them you'll feel like you're floating on air instead of being sore and miserable like regular flip flops.  Plus they last twice as long without falling apart.

Locally Made in Idaho

But the coolest part of these sandals?! Even though distributed all over the world, they're made right here in the Treasure Valley! The Azzarito family who owns/runs Telics live in Boise and when the company launched in 2012, they wanted to keep their grandfather's dream of a truly American Made shoe alive.  Not only is their corporate office located in Downtown Boise, the shoes are actually manufactured in the Treasure Valley as well!

If you're going to wear sandals to Boise Music Festival next week, these are the sandals you should be wearing! Trust me, your feet will thank you! (After all, these shoes have won the award for Best Comfort Shoe!)

Want to grab a pair of your own? Go see our friends at Fleet Feet Meridian at the Village to try them out or buy a pair to enjoy for rest of the summer!

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