Have you ever been out to eat and thought to yourself "Man, this meal is fine, but I'd rather be having cereal right now."

We'd have that exact same feeling. Which gives us an idea...

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Idaho's 10 Favorite Cereals

According to BetCarolina.com, these are Idaho's favorite cereals, determined by the most Google shopping searches in the last 12 months.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Yes, we're aware that you can order a bowl of cereal from certain bars and restaurants in Boise, and that's fine. But we're talking about a restaurant that only serves cereal. And milk, of course.

Just imagine the possibilities. You could be munching on a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, while your boo sits happily across from you with their own bowl of Fruity Pebbles. It really is the ultimate date spot.

What do you think? Would an all-cereal restaurant be a place you'd hit up in Boise? Or are you more likely to hop on social media to make fun of people who'd enjoy going there? Let us know.


Now, depending on how long you've been on this Earth, you may or may not remember some of these classic breakfast cereal mascots from back in the day? How many do you recall seeing on boxes at the grocery store?

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And don't sit there and say "who cares?" Lots of people love cereal, and let's not forget all those classic pop culture moments stemming from cereal over the years. Don't remember? Let us help you catch up!

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Movies and TV shows have always found ways to partner with cereal companies as part of their promotion strategy. While some may have come up with a giveaway in boxes, others went big by having their own cereal connected to the movie or TV show title. Here are vintage cereals that were used to promote some of pop culture's biggest moments (and some you probably forgot about).

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R.I.P. to a real one in the cereal game. Our lives simply won't be the same without you.

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