It's true- people may be lonelier than ever, especially while practicing social distancing during the coronavirus crisis. But there are at-home resources for your mental well-being, including Yale University's massively popular "happiness" course.

The "Science of Well Being" is available for free on Coursera. It's a common thought that most we need to change our circumstances for greater happiness, but the professor says "what plays a much bigger role are our simple practices, simple acts like making a social connection, or taking time for gratitude, or taking time to be in the present moment."

Happiness seems to stem from healthy practices and reorienting perceptions, according to the professor. Her happiness course is the most popular in Yale's 300-year history.

While everyone is looking for things to do and ways to keep busy during this unprecedented work from home, social distant, shelter in place type of time in history, it wouldn't be a bad thing to take a course. Especially at Yale, and especially for free.

I've been waiting to get to a place where I feel 'bored' after being self-quarantined for the past 6 days after getting tested for COVID-19, but I'm honestly still not even caught up on sleep.

I've got a list of six or seven shows I've started but haven't fully finished, tons of things to do around the house, and now a college course to take on happiness. Let's go.

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