With the coronavirus shutting down restaurants, bars, cities and entire states, fears are in full effect, and chances are you're hyper-aware of feeling like you've got a fever these days.

But what if you don't have a thermometer at home in your bathroom? I know that I personally don't. I was actually talking to the guys in the office a couple weeks ago and all three of Keke, Mikey and Mateo said they have a thermometer. I was the only one who didn't.

But there's no worries if you're like me, because according to Lifehacker, you can take your temp using the meat thermometer in your kitchen. "Meat thermometers work as well on human mouths as they do on roasts and steaks," they say. "Sanitize the probe with alcohol, tuck it firmly under your tongue, tightly close your lips, and wait for the numbers to stop changing."

Digital meat thermometers are way better than an old-school dial thermometer, but if you only have the old type, it can still give you a good sense of how hot you are, as long as it can "measure temperatures in the 100ºF range with single-degree accuracy."

And if you don't even have a meat thermometer, it might be worth the investment right now: They're only about $15, they're much easier to find right now than a medical thermometer, and they'll be useful in your kitchen later on down the road. Win win.

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