I'm a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen. As far as I knew, I would have been receiving a stimulus check from the federal government. I'm lucky to be employed during all of this-- so, HELLO bonus student loan payment.

My friends got their cash-- I didn't. Here's what I learned: no matter how sure you are of your money coming in: CHECK  YOUR STATUS!

I usually end up paying taxes at the end of each year via my checking and bank routing numbers-- as well as quarterly tax payments for some 1099 work I do as well. In theory, I'm ready to roll for direct deposit with the Internal Revenue Service. Turns out-- I wasn't.

The process to check my status was simple and once I learned that the IRS had no idea how to get my money to me, I filled out a few lines that were instantly approved. Now, I wait for my stimulus cash--this time around knowing that I'm ACTUALLY set to get some cash.

Want to check your status? It takes 2-seconds. Click HERE.

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