I had a pretty awesome experience this week and it was so positive, I wanted to share.  I make no secret that I'm a local here in Boise--in fact, I'm really proud of it. I remember when this city had significantly less buildings...and traffic! Now it's booming and while the secret is out that yes, Boise is amazing--there's still a charm about it that every now and then, needs highlighted. I preach it often: support local business. It's local businesses that keep our own local economy booming and there's just something about our town that seems to keep people all looking out for our own-- I love it.

That said, I've been really eager to give a huge shout out to my new eye doctor out in Eagle, Eye 2 Eye. I should clarify, NO--nobody is paying me to share a good review of Dr. Hall and his crew over at Eye 2 Eye. It was my great experience that left me wanting to share a little about them.

I haven't been to an eye doctor in THREE years. I hate the eye drops, the puffs of air...all of it! However as I've noticed my glasses haven't been feeling as effective as they once were, I decided it was time to make an appointment. My old optometrist in Spokane, Washington recommended I check out Eye 2 Eye in Eagle--so I did. Simple, right?

The staff at this place deserves a HUGE shout out. Everyone was so kind and the VERY patient assistant that had to deal with me laughing every time I messed up the puff of air into my eye is probably glad that I'm out of there! Let's not forget Terri who spent about an HOUR with me trying to find the right frames for my MASSIVE head...

The office offered a technology that I've never seen--but am still fascinated by. A machine was able to take a full photo of my ENTIRE eyeball. When Dr. Hall showed me the ins and outs of my eye, it was amazing. It was even more shocking when he compared how much he's able to see of what's going on with my eyeballs through that technology, versus how LITTLE he would be able to see through basic dilation. I felt comfortable and was so glad that it was an option.

I love giving credit where credit is due and Eye 2 Eye in Eagle totally deserves it. Thanks to everyone over there for the awesome experience!

Post up-- which local businesses or offices are YOUR favorites to go and see?

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