It's not all about me so I'm trying so hard not to run and do a toe touch in the middle of the hallway right now. YOU can be a Boise State cheerleader for a day. 

I don't mean to come in late on this but it's been going on since August 22nd. I know, I know. I'm mad at me, too. You have until Wednesday, September 6 to bid on auction items and experiences. Your money will go toward scholarship support AND you get to be a cheerleader for a day. I'm so stretching right now. This moment has got to be epic if it's for one day. You get to spend a game with the Bronco Spirit Squad by warming up with them, taking part in the Bronco Walk (not on the side of it like we all are) and spend the pregame on the sidelines.

I guess if you're not into cheerleading, there are other options like:

  • Football Gameday Package
  • Photoshoot on The Blue
  • Victory Tunnel Experience

There's a whole list of experiences and items from access you can't get being a commoner like me and one-of-a-kind items from NFL teams with players who have recognizable names (eh-hem former Bronco football players *cough cough*)

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