The Boise Hawks open their home portion of the upcoming 2018 season at Memorial Stadium on Wednesday, June 20th against the Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. The first 1,500 people will get a fee magnetic season schedule but there's something special for everyone in attendance. For Sunday night games, you can now bring your fur baby to the game with you!

I’m not talking about your buddy, I’m talking man’s best friend, you know, your dog. That’s right every Sunday home game for the 2018 season it’s Dog Night at Boise Hawks Stadium.

Mike Kasper, Mix 106
Mike Kasper, Mix 106

Bring your dog to the game with you and enjoy some fun atmosphere, sharing some hot dogs, and barking or cheering after the balls. The first Sunday home game isn’t until Sunday, July 15, but there are a total of 5 Sunday home games this year, so you’ll have plenty of chances to bring Fido with you to have some fun at the ballpark

Check out all the events and the schedule for the upcoming season on the links below.










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