Yes, you read that right. It's a real thing, and it is awesome.

So why would Boise State start an eSports program? What are eSports even? In its simplest terms, eSports are online gaming competitions. Dr. Chris Haskell from BSU's eSports program explains:

Esports is kind of like track and field. There are lots of different kinds of athletes that compete in a lot of different events. So where track and field might have a thrower, we'd have students play Overwatch or League of Legends might be sprinter. You have different kinds of players interested in those games.

"But...why teach kids to play video games! That's not a career!" Hold up. An eSports team recently won a DOTA 2 tournament, in which they pocketed $27,000,000. To split between three people. Sounds pretty lucrative to me.

If you're like me, and reckon yourself an A-list gamer, you can get more details on the program here.



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