Ahhhh, summer in Boise. That means a few things.

The smell of those delicious street hot dogs filling the air downtown.

Finding a tree literally anywhere to stand under so you don't melt in the sun.

Boise Music Festival.

And float season!

Well, almost. Normally, Boise's "float season" on the Boise river starts right about...now, actually. June-July, somewhere in there. But before we get to the four things that could get you in major trouble while floating, there's a tiny bit of tea to spill. Officials say that "dangerous conditions" are pushing back the beginning of float season here in the City of Trees.

Apparently, the water isn't rushing enough, or there's some hazards, or sea monsters. We don't know the exact reason. No scientists here. We make memes and write articles.

While we're waiting for officials to give us the all clear to begin floating our lazy bodies down the Boise River, we wanted to take this time to educate you on four things that you absolutely cannot do while floating. You'll experience ridicule, you'll probably go to jail, get hit with a hefty fine, and it's highly likely you won't be invited to the next Harry Potter trivia night because of your antics.

Here we go.


4 Things You CAN'T Do While Floating The Boise River

There are good times to be had during float season...as long as you avoid these pitfalls.


Time to fess up. Have you ever actually committed any of the acts above? Even better, what's the weirdest thing you've ever spotted somebody doing during float season? Let's kiki and see what's really happening on the Boise River...you know...once float season actually starts.


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