Most living and breathing human beings enjoy a donut or a dozen of them from time to time unless you live in Nebraska. The law in Lehigh forbids donuts holes from being sold at all! Have you ever heard of such a thing? What is wrong with the lawmakers that passed such a ridiculous piece of legislation? I mean what do these people do every year on National Donut day? I will tell you what they do... they look at the rest of the country and drool wishing that they could partake in a dozen donuts holes ( maybe a few more than a dozen cause they're small and go down easy).

June 4th is National Donut day and unlike the poor people of Nebraska, Boise and Meridian residents have amazing options when it comes to donuts. Meridian has the best of both worlds as Krispy Kreme is giving all customers a free doughnut on June 4th and if you happen to present proof that you've received the COVID-19 vaccine then you can get two freebies.

I mentioned that Meridian has the best of both worlds because right down the street from Krispy Kreme there is another donut shop called Fit Donut. This particular place bakes designer donuts for everyone who is watching their girlish figure or has special dietary needs. Yes they make healthy donuts! How is it that even possible and how did this place come about? According to their website this is how it happened:

"Being in the Health and Fitness world, along with having worked in the Healthcare field, we have found it difficult to find a delicious, but healthy way to satisfy our sweet cravings. We are constantly in the kitchen creating and baking new treats for the family. And then It occurred to us.... "I can't be the only one with these cravings, or desire to find a healthy, yummy alternative to pre-packaged snacks, or high calorie desserts," (Emily, Creator).

So, we decided to make a healthy snacks that fits into daily macros, and tastes delicious. And that's how the fit donut was born.

So, whether you want a pre- or post-workout snack, or a daily sweet craving killer...these healthy donuts fit the bill."

You can definitely enjoy the best of both worlds in Meridian...delicious at Krispy Kreme  or delicious and healthy at Fit Donut. Happy National Donut Day.

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