Just a warning to the out-of-towners looking to move to Boise. There may be some things you won't like if you're thinking of making the Treasure Valley your home. 

The Idaho Statesman listed 12 Uncool Things About Boise and I can agree with a few but not all. I kind of (all the way) love it here and get defensive when anyone bashes our city. However, there are 5 things people should know if they're thinking about making the move to the Treasure Valley

  1. Short Commute: If you like planning ahead two hours only to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, breathing in exhaust worrying if you have enough gas to get to the next exit, Boise shouldn't be somewhere you choose to live. The commute time is, on average, around 20 minutes.
  2. All Four Seasons: Winter, spring, summer and fall. We have it all. In the spring, everything blooms and the temps slowly increase. The summers are warm and our days are filled spending time in the water or hosting barbecues. In the fall, the leaves change color and you can actually smell the crisp air. Winter time is great for snowsport lovers as well as homebodies. We can snuggle in and watch movies in our quiet neighborhoods or bundle up and cheer on our Broncos on the blue. If you're looking for anything other than four gorgeous seasons, move right along to your next city of choice.
  3. Fry Sauce: Are you a "just ketchup" fan? Maybe you like your fries with nothing on them? You won't be saying "Idahome" in the near future. Idaho, in general, may be known for potatoes but anyone who has lived in Idaho knows about fry sauce. It's life.
  4. Kind People: Do you enjoy driving into your garage and shutting the door before you get out of your car? That's not Boise. Here, you will get a "hello" on the street and people will actually look you in the eye after asking how you are and genuinely wanting to know your response.
  5. Something To Do Every Weekend: The feeling of boredom is so very real. Some people love it. That's okay, we're not judging. You just wouldn't do so well here. Want to go beer tasting? See live music? Watch sports? Chill out by the water? We have it all. It's not always on the weekend, either, it's every day of the week. Spring and summertime event calendars are a bit more packed than in the winter but there's never a shortage of things to do.

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