Trying to decide on a major? Looking to change your career path?

In Idaho, this is the best way to cash in. put together a list of the highest paying jobs on average in each state, and not surprisingly, the medical field absolutely dominates the list.

You'd assume that big wig CEO's and top execs are making the most money, wouldn't you? While that's true, this study strictly focuses on salary, not stock options and business ownership. That being said, the highest paying job in the Gem State isn't hard to guess:

Idaho: Surgeon (average $280,790 annual salary)

Our neighbors in Oregon, Utah, and Washington all also had jobs in the medical field at the top of the list.

This might seem like a no brainer, but as the younger brother to a medical doctor, trust me when I say it's not all rainbows and sunshine. College tuition, malpractice insurance, insane work hours, and a massive responsibility to correctly execute your job every day make working in the medical field extremely rewarding, but a lot of hard work.



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