If you've been to more than a few concerts, you likely have suffered some form of hearing loss.

If you work around loud equipment, same.

Shoot guns often? Same.

Listen to loud music in your car? Same.

Literally anything loud that makes your ears feel like something isn't quite right? Same.


This writer has hearing loss issues, and it's awful. This isn't just something that affects senior citizens, either. I deal with hearing issues and tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) 24/7 and please believe it is not something you want to have to deal with.

While we can't prevent you from listening to obscenely-loud stuff, you can get your hearing checked for free to see how your ears are shaping up.


Idaho State University-Meridian is holding a free hearing-screening event this Friday, February 16th from 3-6 p.m. at their Speech and Language Clinic. No appointment is necessary, and you can get your test results immediately.


Still worried about your hearing? This isn't sponsored, but you should definitely check out some db-reducing earplugs. I wear these anytime I go to a bar, club, concert, or any other location where you're not able to get away from the loudness. It may seem like a trivial thing now, but a few years down the road when you start getting those medical bills for all your hearing-related issues, you're going to wish you'd taken better care of your ears.

Speaking of which, perfect opportunity to test them out at Boise Music Festival this June! We'll see you there.

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