So you went out on St. Patrick's Day and one green turned into multiple shots leaving you with a massive hangover. Should I go all lowercase? Too loud. I understand and this is going to save your life this weekend! This is your Kekeluv hangover solution. read on.

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So, you went out for St. Patrick's Day and had a little too much of the green stuff huh? You didn't start with beer and then transition to liquor did you? Girlfriend! Don't you know...

Beer then liquor - never been sicker.

Liquor then beer - have no fear.

I'm not sure how much stock I really put in that considering I do beer and shots only. The key isn't to mix up the shots. I stick with beers and tequilas - solid! We go out so many places that you meet some great listeners and they start buy random shots. THAT'S what gets you in trouble kind of like that girl right up there. She's gonna have a baaaaaaddddddddd hangover. You won't though. I found a solution and I'm not getting paid to tell you this. That way you know it's not some paid advertisement. I'm just trying to save your day.

Ladies and gentlemen, spring break students, off on Saturday adults, and just some of the irresponsible foolios - meet your new besty.

I was searching for hangover cures for YOU because I'm at home working on Boise Music Festival and Treasure Valley Comic-Con (more details Monday.) I've had plenty of hangover days and that's the WORST feeling and did you know that $134 million dollars will be lost due to lack of productivity the day after St. Patrick's Day? Did you know it's the second behind March Madness. True story and I got that information from Luckily, the Irish drinkfest falls on a weekend. That's DOESN'T mean you should feel crappy all day and I found this for you.

Blowfish is (1) sold over the counter in stores (2) FDA approved which means it's been tested and proven to work (3) It works instantly.

I'm no pharmacist or doctor and that's why I'm giving you bullet points. If you try it please send me a message and let me know how it works.

I'll list these funny commercials and details where to buy below.

These are available at Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy 


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