The new youth baseball rule is actually preparing your child to play for the major leagues. That metal bat they're using right now will not be allowed next season. There's a change and this is why.

Baseball Bat


Starting in 2018 - like, immediately after the clock strikes midnight, your little league player will need to get rid of the bat he had last season and get a new one that is similar to wood bats.

All youth baseball including Little League, Babe Ruth, and Cal Ripkin will have to follow a new USA baseball bat rule. The rule requires youth baseball players to use bats that perform like wood bats.

The new bat rule will allow children to perform a little bit better because the bat is more forgiving than the current metal bats that are made of alloy or composite.

Basically, this new rule is prepping your little baseball player for the majors. By using a wood-feeling bat, playing at a higher level won't feel weird.

You can't just run out and get the bat right now. Hold your horses. The bats will be out at the end of the year.

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