I like to think of myself as pretty green. I do what I reasonably can to minimize my carbon footprint. Recycling, using reusable bags instead of getting plastic bags when I shop, skipping produce bags at the grocery store, things like that. I just found out that there's a new zero waste store that opened up in Garden City on Chinden.

Roots Zero Waste Market has a lot to offer. I stopped in today and snapped a few pics:


They offer a lot of things in bulk that you don't normally see. Spices, syrups, nuts, coffee beans, even laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents. Bring your own reusable glass or otherwise containers in and you can even fill up with shampoo and conditioner!


They've also got a little deli to grab a snack or meal while you shop. They had more vegetarian and vegan options than your typical deli, which is convenient for a vegetarian like myself.


They also have a separate space that hosts different classes throughout the week. Yoga, Tai chi, cooking classes and other series. The space is dope for yoga, and for $10 on a Monday night, I'll probably be checking it out.


I'm hyped to go back in with my reusables and see which of their items work best for me! Check them out on Chinden. 

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