With the weather we've been having in the Treasure Valley, now is the perfect time to experience Zoo Boise.  Unless you have kids, you may not go to the zoo that often, but there is a new reason to experience Zoo Boise. A tiger names Diana(maybe named after Wonder Woman?) is the newest addition to the mini animal kindom. Diana is a 7 year-old Amur tiger and comes to Zoo Boise from from Bramble Park Zoo in South Dakota.

From the Idaho News 2 story, it's estimated that only around 540 Amur tigers are left in the wild.  “Our tiger exhibit has always been a favorite for Zoo Boise visitors,” said Doug Holloway, Boise Parks and Recreation director. “We are so excited to introduce a new generation to this incredible animal.” So this is it's important work that Zoo Boise and other organizations are doing to preserve this species of tiger.

You can see Diana when you visit, but she's still getting used to her surroundings so she may be a little shy.  Anyone who has a cat at home can attest to their finickiness and desire to hide from strangers.

Maybe do a date day or take the whole family out and support Zoo Boise and the great work they are doing to conserve and protect different species of animals.


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