When it comes to an adult night in "the jungle"--many people may have very different ideas of what that entails.  Could it be an overnight stay in an exotic room at Boise's famous Anniversary Inn? A night under the stars in the wilderness? Perhaps it is just dancing around with your romantic interest to some jungle music like Cosmo Kramer famously did?

It doesn't matter how YOU define a night in the jungle-- Zoo Boise is going to give a whole new meaning to it starting this summer with some really great ADULT options at the Zoo-- talk about date night with a twist!

The fist concept is the Wine Safari, which will be taking place three times between now and September.  These nights will feature win tastings from around the world and will also include VIP talks about the animals, tours, and even some light appetizers. These events are very exclusive, as only 30 tickets are being sold for the event(s) which will be taking place from 5:30 - 7:30 on the nights of:

  • July 14th
  • August 11th
  • September 8th

Tickets are $150 and you can purchase them HERE.

On June 19th, there will be another "adult" event that kids can attend-- it's for Father's Day! The Zoo will be serving a full buffet for breakfast, there will be talks with zookeepers so that the whole family can learn about the animals and it will definitely be a Father's Day to remember.

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