When you settle down in a place there are certain things you should do to immerse yourself into the culture you will be living in. I have been in Boise for 8.5 years and can say I have done most things to make myself a part of Boise. But if you are traveling through here or are brand new to Boise here are some things you may want to try to do.

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    Hike Table Rock and Camelsback

    These to hiking tails are the most popular in the valley. These hills are great for meeting dog lovers, bikers, other people who love the outdoors without going into the forrest. They also have the best vantage point of what Boise looks like. They are a great workout and a good way to make you feel like you are conquering Boise

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    Walk/Run/Bike The Greenbelt

    The Boise Greenbelt is a roughly a 25 mile stretch of trail that follows the Boise River. There are many parks along the beltway and again it immerses you with awesome people and you get a sense of direction so you can establish your self within the city.

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    Float The Boise River

    its simple if you want to fit into Boise or you are traveling and have a spare day in the summer. Float the river. It's definitely cold, but you will have so much fun.

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    Eat A Meal At Bar Gernika

    One of the best restaurants in Boise. It offers a unique perspective on Basque food. If you didn't know Boise has the second highest population of basque people outside of the basque region. Its a small restaurant 12 tables with a small but delicious menu and IF you can get in I suggest sitting down and getting a meal there. You won't be disappointed.

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    4th of July In Mccall

    It is ridiculous up in McCall for the 4th of July. Such a fun atmosphere. You have to try it at least once. It you want beauty, debauchery, and awesome weather all in one this is the place.

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    Picasa 2.0

    Ski/Board One of Our Awesome Mountains

    If you're a winter person this place is for you. Within a two hours radius there are five major mountains where you can ski or snowboard. There is Bogus Basin, Soldier Mountain, Tamarack, Brundage, Sun Valley Resort. They are all amazing and get good snow and again they are all within a two hour radius of Boise.

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    Enjoy A Dessert From Goody's

    Probably the best candy shop in Boise. This place is home to some of the best milkshakes and chocolates in the valley. It has the old 50's feel to it and if you want to be a Boisean, you have to check this place out.

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    Enjoy The Outdoor Concert Series

    Outlaw Field at the base of table rock throws a summer outdoor concert series. They have had Imagine Dragons, Third Eye Blind, Crosby Stills and Nash, and many more other artists. If you're here for the summer and have a chance to catch one of these shows do it.

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    Catch a Boise Hawks Game

    There is nothing like catching some Single-A baseball on a warm summer night. These are kids who love baseball and go out and play for the fun of it. You have to do at least once.

  • Steve Conner
    Steve Conner

    Catch A Idaho Steelheads Game

    The Idaho steal heads are the best and only professional team to watch in Idaho. They have a huge following and are adored by people in boise. You have to go to one of their games if you are a true Boisean.

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