LOFT. Ha' Penny. UpCycle. White House | Black Market. Edwards. Office Depot. For one reason or another, there seems to have been a mass exodus of businesses from the BoDo area. 

Even with all of those businesses exiting Downtown Boise, there's still plenty of activity happening in the area. If your commute takes you down Front Street to get on the connector you've seen the ongoing construction where Urban Outfitters, LOFT and UpCycle used to be. When it's finished, that area will be known as The Warehouse Food Hall. Their goal is to open by early summer.

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Ultimately, it'll have room for over 20 food and retail vendors. Many of those spaces are still available for entrepreneurs looking to expand their brands or perhaps give them their first brick-and-mortar locations in the Treasure Valley!

Right now, The Warehouse has 12 tenants excited to welcome guests when the grand opening finally arrives. So far, we're impressed by what they've put together! Here's a sneak peek of what's coming soon in Downtown Boise.

Boise's Food Hall Announces Its First 12 Tenants

The Warehouse, a new food hall in Downtown Boise, has plans to open in early Summer 2022. So far over 12 of its 20+ vendor spaces have been spoken for.

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