With Halloween slowly creeping upon us, it's coming down to the wire where I need to make my final decision as to what my costume should be this year. For some, this decision was made months ago and your putting your final touches on your costume. I however am a self proclaimed procrastinator. I wait until the last minute and then run all over town collecting my needed items! I do LOVE Halloween and it's always a good time hanging out in Downtown Boise and people watching. This brings me to the thought of "what is everyone going to be this year?" Each year pop culture and movies seem to shape what a lot of costumes end up being.

These are my top 4 costume predictions:
1. Black Panther Characters. This movie was huge. I will be shocked if I don't see a lot of this.
2. The strange costumes from Kanye West and Lil Pumps "I love it" music video. Because... why not?
3. Donald Trump.
4. The Incredibles movie characters. Another huge movie this year that makes for great Halloween Costumes!
Honorable mentions I've seen floating around on the internet range from Kylie and Stormi, Riverdale Characters, and clowns.

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