Now that it's getting cooler out, I find myself scrambling to find clothes that fit our 3-year-old. She's basically doubled in size since last winter, and while I love watching her grow up, it can be hard to keep up! She is constantly outgrowing everything we buy. This past weekend, our family decided to check out a second-hand retail store called "Kidz Again." This place is located in Meridian, ID, and sells everything from clothes, coats, and shoes, to even furniture. Phoenyx especially loved it because there is a play area inside for kids to occupy themselves while parents shop. Not big on shopping myself, I let my wife "do her thing." About 15 minutes later she came back with a cart spilling with clothes. I was shocked. This was going to cost a small fortune... kids clothes aren't exactly cheap. In the cart were things like an Adidas windbreaker, a Nike tracksuit, a Juicy Couture dress. I was seeing dollar signs. After she checked out (without taking anything out of her cart to my chagrin) she proudly handed me the receipt- $42.00 and basically a complete new wardrobe for Phoenyx. I'm SOLD! If you haven't checked out Kidz Again in Meridian you are MISSING OUT!

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