Remember all the way back in 2017 when that Porsche his a group on on-lookers while attempting to "show-off" leaving the  Cars and Coffee event?  What ever happened? Well more than a year later the man driving the car Roy Drennon of Eagle, has been found guilty on one count of reckless driving.

The driver of a Porsche who lost control of his vehicle that ended up hitting a crowd of onlookers has been found guilty.

According to Idaho court records, Roy Drennon of Eagle was found guilty on one count of reckless driving by a jury Wednesday in Ada County magistrate court.

I'm left thinking, should there be a more severe penalty? I mean, the guy's reckless behavior almost killed multiple people. The report goes on to state that 11 people were ultimately struck by this guys vehicle. Sentencing for the accident will happen November 16th. Be safe out there Boise!

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