It has been a weird year so far, but I certainly don't have to tell YOU that. This COVID-19 business has thrown all of us for a little bit of a loop and to be honest, who knows what is next. Throw in an earthquake and the Treasure Valley is REALLY feeling it.

Graduates, those finishing their studies and obtaining their hard earned diplomas and degrees, are one group of people that have really been feeling the COVID-19 pains. Celebrating your accomplishments is such an exciting time-- crossing a stage in the funny robe and weird hat is something that anyone setting out to get an education looks forward to. With gatherings not happening, there was no real graduation for these 2020 seniors this year.

Leave it to Krispy Kreme to save the day--that's right, TODAY, MAY 19TH, YOU CAN GET A FREE DOZEN DONUTS. 

Seniors, it's your time to shine! Roll through Krispy Kreme in your Cap & Gown or in any 2020 graduate apparel and get your free dozen!

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