Last year when my fiance and I went up north for The Huckleberry Jam, everyone asked me if I was excited about camping for the music festival.  I would smile, laugh and tell them there was no way I was camping!

I know camping is a major part of the Idaho way of life, but I just can't deal without my blow-dryer and flat iron for a couple of days.  If I'm going to be around thousands of other people for three days, I want to look and feel my best and for me...that just doesn't come from a night of sleeping on the ground, air drying my hair and sticking it under a ball cap.  That's why we stayed at a friend's condo in McCall last year!

This year we're looking a little staying a little closer to Tamarack, so I started looking at Air BnB options for July 25-27th! There are some truly incredible homes you can call your own for a few days! We didn't book any of these ourselves, so they're still wide open for you!

This is one that we'd stay at just for the hot tub alone! Located directly on the Poma life to Tamarack, you're not far from the concert. This cottage sleeps five in its two bedrooms.

My fiance and I joke that if we had a king sized bed, we'd never wake each other up in the middle of the night again.  That makes me think we'd be right at home in this cabin! It's master bedroom has a California king waiting for you to get comfy in! There's three other bedrooms as well and it sleeps six. Located in front of Tamarack Express, you can actually see people riding the lift from the deck.

Anytime I'm in McCall doing a long run down Warren Wagon road, I'm fascinated by the cottages that have names.  Golden Bar Cottage in Donnelly falls into that same category.  The log cabin sleeps six people in its two bedrooms.

Like what you see?! Awesome! Book one and then grab your tickets to experience The Huckleberry Jam in person! Link to buy tickets is below!

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