We know that using your phone during inappropriate times can be rude and distracting, but did you know it's also pretty dangerous?

According to a new Rutgers study, up to 4,000 Americans are injured each year while using cellphones.

"So many of these injuries happen because people are distracted," study co-author Boris Paskhover told UPI. "Maybe they were looking at their phones while they were driving or walking down the street. That's how accidents happen." The plastic surgeon added, "I've had patients come to see me saying they were walking down the street and looking at their phone and fell and broke their jaw."

A broken jaw?! Wow. This is why so many cities are banning cell-phone usage while driving. Meridian was the latest (and first) city here in the Treasure Valley to implement the hands-free law, which goes in to effect the first of the year.

I have a strong feeling that other cities in the valley will, and should, follow suit. If people are breaking jaws while using their phone and walking, imagine the damage done by being that distracted while driving.

I have a strict no-phone policy while driving. And if I'm riding shotgun and your phone comes out, I'm snatching that thing away quick. I don't need anything to do with your isntagram scrolling while I'm in your car!

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