At the corner of Idaho and Capitol lies one of Boise's best hidden treasures. If you've never been, you're past due.

Spacebar is a treasure trove of some classic arcade games, pinball machines, and even a bunch of retro consoles you can play. All while enjoying some tasty adult beverages.

Here's the games you have to drop a quarter into at Spacebar:

#5 - Centipede

Originally released by Atari in 1980, Centipede is about as classic as it gets. The premise is simple: Shoot the snake-looking-thing falling from the ceiling. Only problem is, every time you make a direct hit, the Centipede splits. This gets hectic really quick.


#4 - Rampage

This is stupid fun at its best. You play as a Godzilla lookalike, a giant gorilla reminiscent of King Kong, or a massive werewolf. The whole objective of the game: Destroy everything in site. Level all the buildings, eat all the army guys. It's as simple and fun as it sounds.


#3 - Batman Forever (Pinball)

This movie was terrible. That's non-negotiable. The pinball game, however, is actually really fun! It takes the neon look from the movie and perfectly captures it under the glass. You'll hear quotes from Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face, Jim Carey as The Riddler, and even Batman himself (Val Kilmer.) Seriously one of the best pinball games I've ever played, I just can't get over how cool this looks while in play.


#2 - Connect Four

I know. This isn't a video game. But I promise there are few things more enjoyable than a drunken game of Connect Four. My girlfriend and I visited Spacebar two weeks ago and probably played for at least an hour. The more beers we had, the more competitive the games got! It's worth your time to peruse Spacebar's massive collection of board games. Tons of fun to be had.


#1 - Mario Bros

Unless you're an video game O.G., you may not know that Mario and Luigi were around before Super Mario Bros was released on the original Nintendo. The arcade cabinet was released in 1983, and you can see where Super Mario Bros gets its inspiration. The brothers knock around turtles and crabs in the sewers, trying to knock off more than the other player.

Fun thing to know: Shigeru Miyamoto, the gentleman who designed the game, is the current Representative Director of Nintendo, and still has a major hand in Nintendo systems and games to this day.


You can check out Spacebar in downtown Boise at the corner of Idaho and Capitol.

Sunday - Thursday  4:00 pm - 12:00 am

Friday  - 12:00 pm - 2:00 am

Saturday  - 12:00pm - 2:00 am



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