Make sure you memorize these songs so you can sing along with the Jamaican sensation June 24th at Expo Idaho!

We've already covered the important deets you need to get to know Sean Kingston a little better. Here's the tracks you gotta know word for word, they're Sean's biggest hits!

#5 - Me Love

After Sean dropped "Beautiful Girls," he had to bring the heat on his second single. While "Me Love" didn't quite see the success as his debut, it still captures that signature sound that we all fell in love with in the late 2000's.


#4 - Take You There

In Sean's own words:

In 'Take You There' I'm basically telling a girl 'Let me take you to where I'm from - to Jamaica, to the paradise and to the slums!'. Because, while many people just think of the tropical beaches, there is definitely another, rugged side to the island too!


#3 - Fire Burning

While "Beautiful Girls" may be Kingston's most popular song, this is the one that really lights up the club. Even though it was released eight years ago, this track can still bring every pretty female to the dance floor.


#2 - Eenie Meenie (ft/ Justin Bieber)

Biebs and Sean were supposed to release an entire album together. While that never saw the light of day, their duet "Eenie Meenie" captures both stars at their best in their younger days.


#1 - Beautiful Girls

The one that started it all. After being discovered on MySpace, Kingston dropped "Beautiful Girls" to radio in 2007, and his Jamaican flare mixed with old school flavor on this one made it an instant hit.

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Bonus - "There's Nothin'"

It's like the second coming of Ja Rule and Ashanti. Sean and Paula Deanda mesh perfectly on this track. Guilty pleasure for sure.

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