The Nye County Sheriff gave a sad, but not surprising update on Lamar Odom's condition yesterday evening.

Police released the 911 calls placed from Dennis Hof's "Love Ranch" where employees found Khloe Kardashian's estranged husband unconscious but still breathing in a VIP suite after a three day bender.  During one of the calls, the ranch's manager reveals that in addition to herbal sexual performance enhancement pills, Lamar had used cocaine on Saturday.

At this point he is still hospitalized in Vegas and is breathing with help from machines.  The Kardashian family, Kobe Bryant and Lamar's dad Joe have rushed to Sin City to be by his side.  Khloe is reportedly calling the shots medically as she and Lamar are still legally married.

Lamar's trainer seems shocked by his client's recent bender and said the basketball star had been doing well.  However, multiple sources say a re-airing of the episode where Lamar called Khloe to tell her one of his best friends had died of an overdose triggered his downward spiral.

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