Livestock in Northern Idaho is being ravaged by a big grizzly bear in the area. According to North Idaho News Facebook post based off of Idaho Fish and Game information, "Idaho Fish and Game officers suspect a grizzly bear attacked and killed a llama and a sheep on private land in the Panhandle Region on the evening of April 5 Idaho Fish... on private land near the town of Naples in Boundary County... If a grizzly bear is captured, Fish and Game will work with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff to collect biological data including DNA, measurements, sex and age. If the bear is relocated, a GPS collar will be placed on it for future tracking of its movements and behaviors."

That was the first incident in the area and while Fish and Game were able to find large bear paw prints they have not been able to find the grizzly and it struck again. Idaho Fish and Game and the North Idaho News saying, "Fish and Game staff were notified by the landowners early in the morning of April 8 that the bear had returned and killed additional livestock. Officers confirmed that two additional sheep and a goat were killed overnight. In addition, Fish and Game staff checked game cameras that had been set at the site on April 6 and confirmed the culprit as a grizzly bear."

So far "Attempts to trap the bear are so far unsuccessful." Bear are amazing creatures and a lot of the time keep to themselves, but they can also be terrifying. Remember the camper who was pulled out of her tent and killed by a bear last year in Montana? While I am normally good with letting nature do its thing, this bear needs to be captured and relocated somewhere far far away.

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