I'm a member of the Boise Bench Dwellers group on Facebook and I love seeing posts about what's going on in my hood. I thought this was a great post from a Boise airport/hotel shuttle driver:

The Boise Airport is open for essential travel, yet people are still flying in from all over the country for non-essential needs (source: I drive hotel/airport shuttles). People are flying in to buy RV's, trucks, pets, and even visit boyfriends & girlfriends. Today, a family flew in from NC specifically to check out Boise because they want to move here. Last night, I met a guy who flew to Vegas just to see how slow it was and hang out with some friends.


Last week, I saw large groups of people walking into the terminal to pick up missionaries returning to Boise from all over the world. When the missionaries arrived, they would all hug, shake hands, take group photos with arms around each other, paying no mind to social distancing. I understand you need to pick up your kids from their missions (essential), but the whole ward doesn't need to be there!


All of this non-essential travel for things that can wait is putting yourselves and everyone else at risk! Especially those of us in the transportation industry and other essential industries.


Please just stay home!

Agree with this shuttle driver? Have you seen people doing non-essential traveling, either on social media or in person?

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