I found a playground for moms that will assist you in getting fit, keep your kids entertained, and feeling great about yourself. Welcome to FIT4MOM Boise! You will be amazed at what these moms are doing and how you can join.

Photo by: Fit4Moms
Photo by: FIT4MOM Boise

I came across some pretty amazing mothers online that have found a way to stay in shape, be happy, and do it all next to a stroller. These kinds of stories are my favs because it shows that you can do whatever you want no matter what the stipulations are. These moms have figured it out and I felt it was important that their message reached other mothers.

Let me rewind back to when I thought I knew EVERYTHING about women. I studied magazines like Cosmopolitan (the bible for women), Glamour, GQ, and anything else that taught me specific things about women. Let this be a note to guys that this helped me tremendously! That’s until my wife had our first child, Lennox. That’s when I learned that I didn’t know a damn thing about women and motherhood. Let me repeat,


Photo by: Meagan Thorndyke of Blush Photography.
Credit: Meagan Thorndyke, Blush Photography

The world might think that a man is defined by how fast he can throw a baseball or how many championships he can achieve. I think women are much stronger than men hands down. Yes, you might have bigger muscles, but what a women goes through giving birth is something that only a superhero can relate to. There is NO way we will EVER be able to understand what kind of human you have to become in order to put your body, mind, and soul through that evolution.

It only makes common sense that moms want to be surrounded by other mothers. There is another bond that men like myself just can’t comprehend. We’ll never understand and that why introducing you to this new group for moms is something I’m very passionate about.

FIT4MOM Boise: The definition is in the name, FIT4MOMS. Summer Walters explains,

Photo by: Fit4Moms
Credit: FIT4MOM Boise

“Our FIT4MOM Boise Village is really wonderful and not just a workout. We’ve had moms who also deal with special needs, moms who have gone through difficult times on their own or with their kiddos, moms who have had miscarriages, etc. Seeing the support that happens daily is really incredible and I’m so proud to be a part of the village. In this day and age, especially with some of us not living near relatives, it truly has been a godsend to many of us. for instance, when our moms have a new baby, we create meal trains for them to help them transition and focus on their family rather than on adding to their burden. And that’s just one example of the help our moms give each other.”

You can see from the photos that this is a group for moms by moms. Is there anything better?

I can’t speak for your family, but our little squad has been through a lot. I’ve learned that everyone drives over a different bump in the road. We thought everything was great until Lennox’s first Christmas we spent in a hospital bed. I will NEVER forget those nights in which will forever be my scariest. We’ve been able to navigate in and out of hospitals since doing the best we can at staying positive. Luckily, we really believe that our son’s health has turned for the best. That said, my wife is still putting her health back together. I can’t imagine watching your body transform, hormones change, to finally giving birth. I remember one night shortly after him being born, me being a strong male, “he should sleep in his crib or this habit will begin and we don’t want him sleeping in our bed when he’s 12!

I will never forget that moment. That few seconds taught me about something I had no idea about. My wife just explained she wasn’t ready to let go of someone that she’s bonded with for the last 9-months. My wife was in tears and that’s when I realized, I have no idea. She was absolutely right! She grew that little man inside her for 9 months and to think you should be okay with just putting him in a crib and walking away is quite ignorant on my part. I’ve grown and learned a lot.

I think FIT$MOM Boise is a great resource for moms. I also believe that meeting more moms will help you deal with whatever it is that you’re struggling with. Everyone has a story and all of them are different. Look at this as a therapy session that allows you to burn calories at the same time. Add fun and companionship including an outlet to discuss, mom things. Let's 2017 that out a bit, #MOMTHINGS.

Summer sent me this quick upcoming list of events. Good luck and feel free to contact Summer on Facebook or (619) 253-5553.

Photo by: Meagan Thorndyke of Blush Photography
Credit: Meagan Thorndyke, Blush Photography
August - We’re celebrating two things in August - we opened a second location in Hidden springs & this month is FIT4MOM’s 16 year Anniversary (the parent company - we’re a franchise)
so we’re offering $16 enrollment fee (usually $55) for the month of august (if they sign up on the day of their first free class). FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE (fyi ;-)
September -  Sept 11 - 15th (the week after Labor Day) we are doing a Back to School, Back to You promotion with a FREE week of classes with a $30 off enrollment fee on that Friday
Also, each month for Our Village, we do things like Playgroups, Family class and Moms-on-A-Mission Giving Back community service events.
Playgroups - We have Playgroups once a week which include fun things as our FUN RUN - where the kiddos get bibs & medals and run in heats down the path by the rose garden at Julia Davis (it’s our favorite playgroup of the year) and swim parties in hidden springs, or Taming the Toddler type preview class (we partner with St. Als Family center on a lot of things like this and we teach FIT4Baby classes for pregnant mamas at their center).
Family Day - We also have a Once a Month Family Class on Saturdays where our mamas get to bring their spouses, significant others, etc. to class! This month our Family day is on August 26th (and if it is anyone’s first class - it’s a FREE class) and we’d LOVE to have you and your family come to that!
Moms-on-a-mission - once a quarter (or more) we offer our services to the food bank, Ronald McDonald House, etc. Once a year, in May, we do a diaper drive for the WCA. In September we’ll be doing the Ronald McDonald House and helping out with a diaper drive.

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