The Nampa School District recently posed an extraordinary question to the citizens of the Treasure Valley:

How much would you pay for a piece of history?




Nampa High School is replacing their gym floor, which is the original flooring from 1955. 

Facebook/Nampa School District
Facebook/Nampa School District


However, they are selling off pieces of the floor for those who wish to purchase them!

Each piece is $150, or if someone is feeling particularly sentimental or ambitious, the “Nampa” or “Bulldogs” section is $1,500. 

All proceeds will be used to support the student athletes and programs at the High School. 


How are people reacting to this news?

It initially seemed like a strange request, but the overall reactions have been extremely positive!

Many people have been commenting on the Facebook post, reminiscing about their own High School days and the memories they have on the gym floor:

“Lots of buckets on that hardwood floor. You can’t put a price on that!” - Adan Salazar


Some folks who didn’t even attend Nampa High are urging Bulldog graduates to buy a piece of floor if they’re able to, because they won’t regret keeping a piece of their school’s history:

“This is a great way for someone to enjoy a piece of Nampa School history. Keep a memory if you’re able.” - Becky Drew


And some people are jokingly egging their old classmates on, trying to get them to purchase the entire flooring:

“If you don’t buy the whole floor, you’re not a true bulldog.” - Mackenzie Boudreaux


But one thing’s for sure, this is a unique request and fun opportunity for past alumni to keep a piece of their school’s history. 

Plus, the money raised is going right back into the students who attend Nampa High School.

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