When it comes to voting, I'm a huge fan. Living in a nation in which our collective voice can count, just for being a citizen? What a duty.

We've been keeping you posted on the peculiar voting conditions this spring as due to COVID-19, Idaho moved to an absentee ballot ONLY voting policy. It only took a few seconds to request your ballot online and for many, this may have been the most convenient and easy way they've ever voted. I know I was totally cool with having the ballot come to me effortlessly!

If you've still got a ballot--either blank or filled out--sitting around your home or in the car that you've been meaning to drop into the mail, get that thing delivered today!

Today, Tuesday June 2nd is your final day to return your ballot if you want it to be counted and it must be in by 8:00 p.m. 

Click HERE to see if your ballot has been received.

Click HERE to see info for your county clerk on how to get your ballot in by 8pm today.

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