I acted on my civic duty today-- I voted. It's one of my favorite things to do because it's a privilege to do it. In a time where many are stressed, tense, and frustrated--having a voice can be a really big deal!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that it only took a minute (LITERALLY) to request my absentee ballot from my iPhone. Fast forward a few days and my ballot showed up at home. It's been sitting in my car for a while now, so I figured today I would fill it out during a commercial break. Sure enough, it only took a quick second to place my votes, seal up the envelope, and drop it in the mailbox outside of our office in downtown Boise.

With polls closed because of coronavirus, getting your vote mailed in or dropped off via absentee ballot is the ONLY way to vote for Idaho's primaries.

To request your ballot online, click HERE.


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