Admit it. There was a good period of time this spring where you thought that summer was never actually going to arrive in the Treasure Valley. 

Photo by john labelette on Unsplash
Photo by john labelette on Unsplash

Mother Nature would tease us with a taste of it during the work week and then snatch it away from us, replacing it with rainy, windy, cold weather. Then all of a sudden? It’s like the clouds parted and summer finally arrived. Now, we’re staring down the potential of six triple digit days in a row. 

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When the temperatures are this hot, how nice would it be to escape to your own backyard oasis? Not a public pool where you have to pay an admission pool. Not a community pool where your neighbor’s kids splash you while you’re trying to read a book poolside. Your own pool. With your own family and whoever you choose to invite over. 

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash
Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Well, if by some miracle you’re in the market to buy, we found the five most affordable homes with pools for sale in Boise. And we’re talking in-ground pools, not something you can buy from Walmart and pop-up in the backyard. 

So go ahead, poke around and picture yourself relaxing in your favorite backyard oasis! 

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