As many people are trying to do in 2024, we're jumping on the Artificial Intelligence bandwagon.

We recently asked AI to draw us some pictures of "Californians moving to Boise" and the results were brutal. Like, AI pulled no punches when it came to how they feel about this subject:

A.I. Draws "Californians Moving To Idaho"

Have you ever wondered what artificial intelligence thinks people moving from California to Idaho looks like? Great.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

Now, we're not exactly sure who is programming this particular AI model. However, are are 100% positive that they're aren't the biggest fans of folks from the West Coast moving a little more inland to the East.

How do we know? Because we asked the same AI model to draw the photos again a year later, and they're even more brutal. Here's the results of us asking AI to draw "Californians moving to Boise":

AI Draws "Californians Moving To Boise"

We asked Artificial Intelligence to create some pictures using the prompt "Californians Moving To Boise." AI did NOT disappoint us.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

So what does AI have against the good people of California? It's not like AI has to wait longer in line to get their coffee at Dutch. AI isn't driving laps around downtown trying to find a parking spot. AI's rent didn't go up because a bunch of massive houses got built down the street.

Yet, somehow, Artificial Intelligence finds it perfectly acceptable to alienate Californians via its artwork.


Maybe you ended up here because you've just moved to Boise from out of state, and you're feeling a little left out. We get it. Boise is great, but it's definitely different from other parts of the country.

Welcome to the Gem State, and the City of Trees! Let us help you out with your adjustment process so you can acclimate faster:

Adjusting from California to Boise is Tough. Let Us Help.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media


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