The last new Albertsons was built in Idaho in 1999. They broke ground at the new store on Broadway and Beacon and revealed another new location at a place where we've all wondered "What's going in there next?"

Monday morning, Albertsons broke ground at their new location on Broadway and Beacon. There is an Albertsons store there now but things are shifting - literally. Want a little preview of the newest project? Take a peek HERE.

This "new" location will be a place to shop but it will also have more of an experience to it with new items, a large food service offering, a second level complete with a wine bar and a patio. Just wait for us to talk about Boise's most favorite patios and mention Albertsons. It's a very real thing. Foodies, get ready for all of this. Plan for the summer of 2018 for the opening date.

Fairview and Eagle via Google maps
Fairview and Eagle via Google maps

Albertsons has also announced another location on Eagle at Fairview in Meridian. That's where Shopko was. Is. Won't be much longer. You catch my drift. Albertsons is moving in because it's "the busiest street corner in Boise." Once complete, it will be one of (or thee) largest location in the state of Idaho.

With all of this change and updates, this means more jobs for the Treasure Valley. Yes, another opportunity to find employment. to see if something you like pops up.

Guess where I'll be on the weekends coming summer 2018...

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