just got back from the new Albertsons on Broadway and I know what you might be thinking. It's just a grocery store. Yes, but no.

This Albertsons is definitely a place to get groceries without a doubt. Albertsons is a grocery store. Period. That's maybe 65% of what I saw. This spot is definitely a meeting place for several occasions and by the way - grab your groceries when you finish.

I mentioned in my earlier blog that more and more places are super serving their customers. I mean why would you sell groceries and be done. Why not have a place with quality foods to eat for lunch or dinner before you shop? Why not setup a place to watch a game and have a beer before you grab groceries? Why not take a cooking class to learn how to prepare all those items you just bought?

Idaho is all about our local and we're pretty stingy about it. Albertsons has definitely answered that question with extended aisles to even satisfy our growing Basque community. You've gotta see the cheese section - WHOA! Sushi, aged beefs, and drop over $200 on a bottle of wine if you must. They have a crazy catering station that will set you up with a person to customize orders. The most attractive feature still is that bar area for both upstairs and ground level. Grab a Starbucks, free wifi for class or work, and watch the game over a brew. This will definitely be a tailgate spot for BSU games.

I took some photos below - enjoy!

Albertson Broadway Grand Opening


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