The crazy banker is back and the Monopoly craze is in Albertson's stores across the Treasure Valley. Why am I writing about this? I have no idea because I can't keep the game pieces on the board OR I lose them!

I'm all in this year because of the new app to play. I've figured it out and wanted to share my skills people! Let's get our pieces out, download the app, grab the game board and win our part of $250,000,000 dollars.

Monopoly 🎩was a game that I grew up on as a kid. I remember arguing with family negotiating property and winning the big jackpot in Free Parking. I'm not sure why a kid would love Monopoly so much except board games was like having an app on your phone. Most games prior to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation were board games. We don't play these board games as much because honestly, kids just don't find them near as interesting. Can you blame them?

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

That brings us to Albertson's Shop, Play, Win! Monopoly. They target all the people that played the original Monopoly with much more than just play money. This game is real life winning and some of these prizes make you wanna play! Here are a few things you could win:

  • $100,000 Cash or Boat (15 winners available)
  • $20,000 College Tuition (50 winners available)
  • $30,000 Pair of Jet Skis (30 winners available)
  • $25,000 Home theater (35 winners available)
  • $10,000 Cash (60 winners available)
  • $7,500 Family vacation (75 winners available)
  • $25 Cash (25,000 winners available)

That's just a few MASSIVE prizes you could win by playing. What's the catch? You have to shop at Albertson's Grocery Store. The more you spend, the more game pieces you could take home. Shop for selected specialty items on sale and you might receive additional game pieces for purchasing those items.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Each game piece is like a stamp and you can open, lick and stick to the game board. That's great but keeping all that together can be a pain especially if you have kids. Download the App. This is so easy and it keeps tracks of happy many pieces you have and where they monopolize. You STILL need to keep your game pieces in a safe location for redemption, but keeping track has never been easier.

Sidenote: Award yourself with more game pieces by doing the following and remember, have no shame in yo game!

  1. Ask for other people's game pieces. It's okay. You're not a dirty player, but a smart one. Pay close attention and just ask them if they're playing and politely offer to take it off their hands and into your purse!
  2. Check displays for specials buys that might bonus you double or triple the pieces based upon a particular sale item.
  3. Send out an inner office email asking for game pieces or make a pact with people to split the winnings in a team effort.
  4. Pray 😇

Make sure you also sign-up for the Albertson's club and I'm not being paid to tell you this. By creating a membership you can take advantage of gas discounts and that comes in handy when you can subtract $1 per gallon in the Summer months. If you already shop at Albertsons you really need to get signed up, it's free!

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